Lēna uguns   HD video, sound, 5 min 16 sec2014


    Music video for latvian band Instrumenti.

    Man is running along the sea back to the place he used to stay first twelve summers of his childhood. Photograph of two boys at the end of the video is shot there 29 years ago.


    Song Lyrics:

    Slow Fire

    Rivers run up the mountains.

    Roots get washed out by the dried-up shore.

    And the little boy is begging himself to remember.

    To bring back whatever he's taken away.

    The morning arises somewhere between my childhood and my home.

    Red bill-berry bushes have rooted amongst the memories.

    My whole life's footprints across the dirt road.

    Oh so dear and so very mine is the ever-present sorrow.

    I am basking in front of a slow fire.

    The shadows disappear, the swelter cools down.

    A little lukewarm, but at peace is my heart.

    The speech has calmed down,

    the one that once said.

    Each glacier has a sparkling beginning.

    But the end is always burning.



    2014 Latvian music award Golden Microphone, nomination – best music video, shortlisted


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